Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Sneak Peekings: Bouquet Photoshoot

Got a few sneak peek images from EB of Two Bird Studio today: 
omg....soooo excited to see more!  Loving the dreamy lighting & over the top styling...

 This first one is Chanel: model & dancer for the Trey McIntyre Project here in Boise.  Chanel is gorgeous & tiny & strong & travels the world as a dancer: I feel so lucky that she wanted to be a part of my little project!  Loving this shot!

 And this is the lovely Annie: we met a couple years ago & when I was putting together this little project, I knew she would be perfect!  Love the eyelashes: purple feathers--I think I might have to get some for :)   You cant see the copper bouquet she has in her hand, but I love the way the necklace looks---it's one of my all-time-fav-pieces: I am considering listing it on my Etsy, but I'm a bit attached to it since I wore it to last year's Carnevale...  We'll see... :)

This is beautiful Kate with Max & Josh; omg, I love the brick wall background!  Kate was amazing during the shoot; she knows how to pose & make things look great: I'm so grateful to all the amazing talent that showed up to help out & join in the fun...

And big thanks to Matt at the Powerhouse: you were so welcoming & accommodating for us & all our craziness :)  The Powerhouse was the perfect backdrop: I would highly recommend the space for a party, wedding, get together: anything: it's an amazing space!

Looking forward to seeing more of the pics: I have had to restrain myself this week from emailing EB & bugging her about it, lol.  I'm trying to be patient, but I'm so excited!!
More to come...