Sunday, November 13, 2011


Have you ever met a real-life Lumber-Jack???  Honestly: I thought they didn't exist anymore, but was proven very wrong this weekend...

My parents just bought a house in Idaho City, & their neighbor, Pete, just happens to be a Lumber-Jack: for-real!   He came over this weekend to fall a couple dead trees: I only got to see 1 come down, but it was very impressive!   Pete managed to fall it in just the right spot: the tree was close to the house & garage: and he made it fall in the one spot where there was nothing... 

It wasn't a small tree either: probably about 60-70 (or more) feet tall.... He used a big winch, & huge chainsaw, & more than a few wedges...  It was quite the process!

In the end; the tree came down in just the right spot; no damage to anything...  The tree was dead & rotten from beetles & was a threat of coming down in a storm & going through the house or garage roof.

It was very exiting to watch & fascinating to learn about forestry & gardening (on a huge scale) from a real expert!

In the end; the tree is down; providing a huge amount of firewood for the house, & leaving a perfect base to mount a custom steel sculpture: one of my next projects :)

Thanksgiving in the new house: we might be still moving in furniture, but it will be fun!  The fireplace is up & running: kitchen will be functional this week, & there is now plenty of firewood! lol :)  Even if the house is not quite complete: it will be a great way to get mom & dad moved in & start living in the new place :)