Monday, September 26, 2011

Hobble Creek Park: Install

We installed "Zephyrus" last week at Hobble Creek Park....
A 28' tall weather vane, we loaded the base & sculptural piece on the Mac-truck & drove it into Boise from Star....Blake Trailers did the heavy fabrication: they made everything look exactly like I had pictured in the beginning (over a  year ago)
The base is a recycled stand from Idaho Power, & the weather vane is made from salvaged steel, left-over copper from another project, stainless steel that I managed to convince ISE Cranes to let me have (for a price), & the spinning part on the top came from a very special friend :) 
once the base was in place, the weather vane was lifted into place...
Montry & I guided in into place....
when it came to torque-ing down the bolts, I let Jeff take
Jeff & Montry took care of the mounting bolts...
And in about an hour's time, it was done!
The plaque with the story of the design will go on later, along with the directional signage, but I'm so happy to see the piece in place!  It moves with the wind so easily, & the top spinner goes around with the slightest breeze:
 thanks Mike-E : )  It's perfect!

Will update when I get the signage up; for now, I'm so happy with this one: it looks so amazing in person; even better than the plans!  Definitely a contrast for baseball fields, but I think it works :)