Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kleiner Park Sculptures: Installation Tomorow--wish me luck!!

Fabrication is complete; we will be installing all 3 sculptures in the park tomorrow...I will be meeting ISE Cranes at Blake Trailers (and steel artwork fabrication) at 8am to start loading up.  3 big flatbed crane-trucks & a trailer: hopefully we can get everything in 1 trip :)

Each sculpture will stand over 45' tall: they are in pieces right now: tomorrow we will assemble the 2 base pieces, place it on the foundation, then the top section (33 feet tall) will be craned into place & bolted down.  Last, the wind turbine will be placed, & the wiring will be hooked up: times 3...  it's going to take 2 big cranes, & some big bolts & wrenches & muscle...

After working on this project for over a year, I am both excited & a bit nervous....I believe everything will go together smoothly: it should--after all the pre-planning, templates, engineering, etc.  But, I also know that 45' tall steel structures don't always line up perfectly....I have a big sledge hammer, mag-drill, & crew of help on standby if there are any issues...

Thanks so much to the crew at Blake Trailers for all your hard work; everything looks amazing : )   I am so thankful to have had such a skilled & talented group working on my vision: could not have done it without you!  Thanks for putting up with my changes, random visits, & general artistic crazy-ness, lol : )

 Tomorrow is going to be a big day.  Look for the cranes, if you're driving by Eagle & Fairview: I am probably going to be up in the bucket hooking things up: honk if u see me, lol : )
Pics & video to come...wish me luck!