Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kleiner Park--Fabrication Update

One week to go, & things are looking good :)  Its very exciting to see everything starting to come together--after working on a project for so long---this is the best part!
The base-plates are being attached; 1 inch thick steel plate :)
This is just one leg of the base of one of the sculptures...
lots of welding....
And  lots of drilling holes for bolts....each sculpture features over 150 tension-control bolts, plus the big structural bolts on the base :)
This week will be a long one; tentatively the sculptures are to be installed on Monday the 29th.   I wonder how many trips it will take with a big truck & trailer to get them :)  It should be quite the production: each sculpture will be put up one leg at a time, then the top 1/2 will go on & be bolted in place,  then the wind turbine will go on (45' up), then the electrical will have to be hooked should be interesting.

More updates to come....stay tuned