Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kleiner Park---Fabrication pics

Fabrication on the three sculptures for Kleiner Park is coming along; things are progressing quickly now out at Blake Trailers.  All the pieces are cut & ready, 2 of the 3 sculptures are almost completely assembled....
They take up a good portion of the shop: & this is just the top half of the sculpture; it will be bolted to the big beam to the right.  When completely assembled on site, each piece will stand 45' tall.

Each section of I-beam is held together with gusset-plates that are welded on & then bolted together with tension control bolts: both structural & aesthetic; tension control bolts have the look of rivets on the outside face of the sculpture; I chose them because they match the look of the old rivets on the recycled beams that came off the old farm property.
Each gusset plate must be placed, clamped, welded, & then the beam below is drilled out with the mag-drill for the bolts.
It takes a lot of clamps, measuring, & precision...
Welding the end-mounting plate in place.
cool, huh?
Tomorrow will be another day of welding & assembly, hopefully all three sculptures will be together (sort of).  They will remain in 3 pieces for delivery & then will be assembled on-site with the help of a big crane....
Installation is planned for mid-June; foundations will be poured next week : )
Next, we will be working on the white curves; that should be fun : ) Then, the lighting will be added, wiring, wind turbine mounts, & they will be ready to go! 

Thanks so much to all the guys out at Blake Trailers in Star for your work; it is looking amazing!