Monday, May 2, 2011

Idaho Botanical Garden: Art Install today...

This morning, we met out at the Botanical Garden for the sculpture install.  I had to call in a bigger crane to lift the pieces into their spots; my little crane wouldn't reach....  Thanks so much to Steve at ISE Cranes for the help!

hmmm, my little crane truck looks scrawny next to his, lol
Rigging the first piece for the move; this one is made all from 1/2 inch steel plate; very heavy!
No problem for the big crane, though: it was lifted up & over the water & in between the trees to the left
Me, talking to Steve in the crane: even though I know he can't hear me, I kept talking to him, along with hand signals, lol :)
 btw; that's Rod from the Botanical Garden helping :)
"hmmmm, what do you think?"

In about 20 minutes we were done & on to the big one...
Me & Dad getting the lifting straps ready to attach to the crane hook
up it goes : )
& down into place
We had to do a bit of adjusting to make it sit level...lots of up, down, up, down, try again, up, down...
In the end, we got it to set right.  I think it looks sooo nice in it's new home...
Me & Steve--crane operator extraordinaire : )
The whole install took less than 2 hours, & went really smoothly.  I'm so happy with the way the pieces look in their new setting & can't wait to see the garden come to life around them : )

Thanks to everyone who helped out today!