Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kleiner Park --Update--

After months of design & re-design & re-design again; we are almost ready to begin fabrication on the 3 huge sculptures for Julius M. Kleiner  Park; work should begin this week!
In the end, the sculptures ended up being 45 feet tall, & will use huge bridge beams that were reclaimed from the original property; back when it was a farm.  I will also be using reclaimed i-beams & steel plate: thanks to Diamond Street Recycling & Pacific Recycling :) 
Kleiner Park will be over 66 acres of trees, lakes, lawn & more: the sculptures will serve as visual landmarks; each will be strategically located to lead people from one end of the park to the other.   Not only will we be using reclaimed steel for the structure of the sculptures: in addition, each will have a vertical axis wind turbine to supply power for spotlighting, & perhaps power some other park features too.
Park construction is moving along; soon to get really busy when the weather breaks: in the above photo, you see one of the lakes, with 2 semi-circular bump outs; the one on the right side will be the location of one of the sculptures... 
 The park is located on the corner of Eagle & Fairview in Meridian: and when completed--this October--it will feature 2 lakes, a splash pad for the kids, Senior Center, an Arboretum & Band shell, & much more---including 3 huge steel sculptures!
 I'm so excited to be a part of this project; it's been an amazing & fun experience from the very beginning & I'm so grateful to have included in the design team.   Looking forward to really getting into the 'real' work now---looks like the first foundation should be poured this month!  Will be updating with fabrication process & installations: next construction meeting is tomorrow morning : )