Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kleiner Park: Fabricaton Begins!!!

On Friday, I picked up the new steel for Kleiner Park; for the structural elements, new steel, just from the factory was the best choice.....
Almost overloaded my truck!  The biggest plate weighed over 2000 lbs!
By far; the most new steel I have ever purchased: not going to say how much it cost!  Only this; steel prices have doubled in the last 6 months,  wow... 
But, its all good; parts for the project are being cut & we will be in heavy fabrication next week!  Looking forward to seeing some real progress on the project! 
This is Read; from Idaho Custom Iron Works; he's all happy cuz his new bigger & improved plasma-table is working....mine are the 1st  parts to be cut  :) 

More progress to come: Monday I hope to be picking up all the cut parts to deliver to the fab shop; they have already started cutting beams in prep. to putting parts together.   Before you know it, there will be 3   45' tall  steel structures waiting to be installed!  Very exciting: look for more updates next week :)