Thursday, March 24, 2011

Botanical Garden

This morning we delivered the 1st of 3 sculptures that will have a new home at the Botanical Garden....The install went well; pretty quick & easy & it didn't even rain on us! 
 I craned the piece off the truck & set it on wheels; then we had to roll it down the sidewalk for quite a distance.  Then, with the help of 4 strong guys (& 2 gals) we lifted it into it's spot....
And there it is, with me & my windblown hair, lol :) 

The next 2 are going to more difficult; they are bigger/heavier & are going to be placed in spots that are harder to get to....we did a bit of investigating today & will come up with a plan in the next few weeks: it's going to involve a bigger crane....

I am so happy with the placement; the sculpture looks soooooo much better in the garden setting than in front of my little shop--although I'm going to miss it. 

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to help out today: I couldn't have made it happen without you :)