Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Shop Project....

Things are coming along at the new shop: since this summer we have added doors, replaced windows, hauled in gravel/road mix for the trucks, sheet rocked, painted, plastered, poured concrete, & even planted a few things for the spring :)
 We also put a wood stove in the workshop area; omg, I'm luv'ing it!  For the past 5 years I've been working with no heat in the winter, so to have a cozy fireplace has been soooo great...
 New steel rack ready to be filled up, and a few storage sheds to hold all the extra tools & stuff (it takes a lot of stuff for these projects)  It's been a lot of work, but getting down to the fun part now; moving in my work tables & setting up to get busy on some new creations!

 This fall I built a little retaining wall out of junk found around the property: old tires, chunks of concrete, rocks, logs, etc: I think it turned out really cute :)  I can't wait till spring to add more plants & landscaping...
 And a patio out front out of scrounged bricks & stepping stones :)

 My neighbors at the property :)  There are also lots of quails, a fox or 2, and some cows :)

My view out front :)  The shop has the workspace and a little apartment too that we have been working on: tour of progress tomorrow :)  Soon I'll be moving my office and jewelry studio into the little apartment: very excited to have everything in one place. 

I'm really anxious to get moved in and working: a great way to start off the new year--I'm looking forward to new creations & seeing the big projects come together.  And blogging more!!! I'm soooo behind: will be working on catching up on updates for Kleiner Park (soon to start fab.), my projects with the city of Boise: Hobble Creek Park (giant weather vane) and the Greening of the Grove/8th Street Art plan,  the Idaho Botanical Garden (it's a surprise),  as well as other side projects....   It's going to be another busy year; & I'm looking forward to new adventures.