Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicken Update

News from the backyard flock...
The duckies are huge as ever; and the boy duckie finally has all his green feathers, after a few weeks of looking pretty scraggly :) 
The chickens have been enjoying digging in any patch of dirt they can find; I haven't seen an earwig all summer, or any other bugs really.   A few aphids on the kale out front, but I just feed the leaves that have bugs on them to the chickens :)
The chickens & ducks both like to eat my kale....they look so innocent, but they are doing their best to mow down my plants.
Cats & birds are getting along just fine :)
Little chicken-bird is definitely still the most friendly; she always come running whenever anyone steps outside & will hop up onto your lap if you sit down :)
No complaints yet from the neighbors--they are really pretty quiet; the girl duck is the loudest; she gets to squawking sometimes; especially when she thinks I should come outside & give her a treat :)  The chickens only squawk when one of them is hogging the nest box & someone else wants to be in it :) 

Now that I have had them around, I can't imagine not having birds in the yard---they do dig things up & make a bit of a mess, but it's a great trade off for organic bug control and a supply of fresh eggs!