Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Curb Cup

This morning I delivered the Curb Cup; been working on it for the last week....  OMG, it looks soooo great :)
I made the cup for the event last year, & decided to do some improving on it for this year's event coming up...  It got a really good polish: super bright and shiny--with the power wire brush 1st, then a coat of Harley Davidson metals polish :)   I added a few rivets along the top for fun, & some huge gold bolts on the bottom...and cool new graphics: much brighter & more colorful...the finishing touch--sparkles!  Yep, I couldn't resist adding some rhinestones for a bit more flash.
The cup is making its way around the Saturday Market this morning, & then will be on display at Urban Outfitters in the window.  It's going to be making an appearance at Alive after 5 on Wednesday, and then the big event on Sun. the 29th: don't miss it :)
Check out the event website:
Last year was a blast: I've never seen so many people in downtown at once--it was crazy!
Fun facts about the cup: it's made from all recycled stuff (except the graphics).  Aluminum that came from Idaho Power, copper pipes, & brass bolts & thingies from my stash.  It stands over 3 feet tall, & weighs a lot: takes 2 people to carry the thing around....or a red wagon :)  Each year's winner gets a decal on the back of the cup and a smaller, trophy sized version to take home.
The trophy version is a little over a foot tall, and also made from recycled stuff :)  Cute!

Anyway, I can't wait to see all the performers on Sunday: hope to see you there : )