Monday, August 2, 2010

Boise Open Studios (BOSCO)

Since I am soon going to have a studio space of my very own in Boise, & with a bit of nudging from some friends, I went ahead & sent in my app: & to my surprise, I'm in!!  (I guess this means we really have to have the shop finished by October)

Every spring & fall, the members of BOSCO open up their studios for the weekend & invite the public to come visit.  It's a pretty big event; with an artist reception to kick off the weekend--and I'm signing up to be on the tour this October...more details to come...

This is going to be a stretch for me: typically I'm pretty much reclusive; especially when it comes to having visitors in my work space.  My excuse for the last few years has been that I don't have a proper studio---I've only had one group of people over this past spring to tour my workspace & home: & it took a lot of coaxing, I will admit.   But it was really a lot of fun & I think it will be a good thing to be a part of the Boise tour :) 

Anyway, I'm excited: and this gives me a deadline (that's not very far away!) for the shop construction/move....wish me luck :)