Monday, July 19, 2010

Wind Turbines!!

I'm super excited to announce that we are going forward with the wind turbines on the sculptures at Kleiner Park!
The idea was dropped from the plans a few months back -due to budget-, but then re-visited at the Ground-Breaking last week.... I hastily put together a new plan for a smaller version than originally proposed,  and everyone agreed that we need to make it happen--yay!  
The turbines will spin gracefully in the wind, adding to the sculptural elements, and will power the lighting for the sculptures.   These will be the 1st vertical axis turbines in the area (that we know of), and I think will add a whole new dimension to the sculptures and the park...there was even talk about adding light poles that have mini-versions of the turbines to the park plan :)
This is going to be quite the educational project for us; we are ordering in the turbines and equipment that goes with, and then will have to figure out how to make them work :)   I'll be doing a bit of re-design on the sculptures to accomodate the turbines and make everything fit together seamlessly.  I still can't quite believe that it's going to happen: I was really disappointed when we had to put the idea aside a few months back---adding green power to public art seems like such a win-win to me.  And these turbines are so sculptural to begin with, that using them as part of the design just makes sense to me :)
Stay tuned for more updates--the next few months will be full of re-design, tweaking, & hopefully ooohing & ahhhing when the turbines arrive :)   --See earlier posts on the project for the full story--  
For now, I'm off to Idaho City for quick gettaway with family :)