Saturday, July 10, 2010

NY Wedding--Copper Bouquet Pics

I just got the nicest email from one of my Etsy clients who purchased a custom copper wedding bouquet & aluminum boutonnieres for her Brooklyn wedding :)  Photographs by:
"hi amber! i am so excited and want to let you know that the copper bouquet was a HUGE hit at our wedding last month. i did have several people think i was nuts when i described it, but then when they saw it in person they fell in love with it. and everyone else loved it without reservation. most importantly, *i* loved was the perfect weight in my hand and looked beautiful with my gown. our photographer had never seen anything like it and couldn't believe how cool it was."
yep, people think I'm nuts too when I tell them I make wedding bouquets out of metal... lol :)
Looks like it was a lovely wedding; it's so fun to see the pics---usually, I box & ship & never hear anything :) 

This was one of my all time fav bouquets; copper with pearls in white & champagne and crystals to match.  Love the copper...
I've shipped these bouquets all over the world--funny that a crazy accident has turned into this :) Playing with crystals & pretties is a nice break from the heavy steel work--the bouquets are a lot of fun to make :)  They are available on my Etsy shop; in both aluminum & copper: ready made or I can make them custom to match the wedding colors.