Thursday, June 3, 2010

A vist to the chicken ranch...

Husband & I made another visit out to the chicken ranch this weekend...omg, it's such a fun place :)
There are lots of chickens, geese, dogs, & other critters wandering about the property, which is like a hidden park in the middle of nowhere :) They have a lake for fishing, creeks, ponds, lots of trees, & of course lots of cool chicken houses :)
We must have spent a few hours there, wandering about & chatting with the owners; came home with some lovely plants--they sell plants too, and a few smudge-pots: these burner things that used to be used in the orchards... They are really cool looking, so we got a few for the patio & for heating the shop in a pinch

Chicken Ranch

Check out the slideshow: just click on the photo above :) And if you are looking for chickens, this is definitely the place to go; there is every kind imaginable :) If you would like to make the journey out--near Fruitland (its definitely worth it) just give Jim a call beforehand at 674-1012.