Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Workspace...

I'm going to be moving into a real shop! (sort of) For the last 3 years, I've been working out of my home garage--can you believe it?! I've rented out shop space a few times for some of the big projects, but mostly just build everything in my driveway; in a subdivision, with the neighbors watching & wondering.... Anyway, my Grammy & Grampy recently bought a fixer-uper house in Boise, & it happens to have a little shop on the back of the's tiny, rather ugly, & full of bird nests at the moment, but they have agreed to let me use it for a year or so in return for me fixing the place up.... It's quite the project, but I'm excited about the possibilities. --love the blue roof: it goes so well with Granpa's lime green tractor--
There is plenty of space in the back to park the fleet of trucks & trailer, along with storage of treasures. Last week, we found a guy who makes storage sheds out of big shipping containers, so we have one on the way--I'm also planning on putting the silo up out back for more storage--the actual workspace is quite tiny, so there is no room for anything extra in the shop.
Having everything in one place is going to be amazing; right now I have some stuff here at the shop, a bunch of stuff at home in Nampa--all the tools & welders, --& more of the bigger salvaged treasures & steel at my Mom's house (also in Boise). It's going to be great to be able to actually use the crane to help build things--I'll be able to park it right next to the shop & not have to worry about the neighbors calling the HOA on me :)
Hopefully I can also join the Boise Open Studios and be on the fall tour too--that should be fun; to be able to show people around & let them see the stuff I use & how things come together...
More to come; I promise to be better at updating: I've been neglecting the blog lately with all the proposal deadlines & meetings this month-- Anyway, back to work for now; gotta go check on the chickens!! :)