Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Jewelry Creations

Just wanted to share a few new jewelry creations..... "Seeing Stars" necklace. Love the old rhinestone star---and check out the little glass lens: I soldered a whole bunch of these to use as charms & this is the first one to be featured in a necklace :) Also, a gear from an old power meter, glass fuse, & some old chain :) Too much fun!

Ooooh; this one is fun too; love the purple rhinestones. This one also has a little glass umbrella & an old brass lipstick tube; the little sample size kind---so cute. And, it still has lipstick in it! Its all dried out & such a lovely shade of orangy red, but how much fun is that!!

"Autumn Train Ride" set---loving the goldy brown tones on this also has a little lipstick tube, but it doesn't open; it fused when I soldered the ring on top :) And, my last little glass teapot... cuteness :)
These are all listed on my Esty shop; there is a link in the sidebar to the right :) More new creations to come; husband is sick in bed today & I'm working on quiet activities....