Sunday, April 11, 2010

Julius Kleiner Park---beginnings of a big project!

About a month ago, I found out that I was selected as the artist to create three huge pieces of artwork for a brand new park that is going to be built in Meridian. Julius Kleiner Memorial Park is to be located near the corner of Eagle Road & Franklin, & will include lots of trees & grassy park space, lakes, a splash fountain for the kids, a library, & senior center, along with an amphetheater, labyrinth, & more. Check out the master plan for a view of what the park will look like.... The red dots are where my sculptures will go; they are to be at least 30 feet tall; and serve as landmarks, sort of, to draw people through the park. Construction has not started yet; the park is tentatively scheduled to open fall of next year, but the design team is already busy, as you can see. To fit in with the contractors, landscapers, etc schedule, I need to have a design plan finalized in the next few weeks--yikes!--I was thinking I had plenty of time, but there are a lot of other elements in the works that will be pulling designs/materials from the look of the sculptures, so I need to get going so everyone else can finalize designs too. Not to mention the footings that will need to be constructed for the foundation--these will need to be designed & constructed at the same time as all the other major work happening in the park.

So, that's going to be my focus for the next week or so; right now I have some vague ideas simmering: need to come up with a few options for discussion at the next meeting. This is always the scary part of these projects: the process of coming up with the plan---something completely original that fits in with the design & concept of the park. Something that I can construct within the budget and timeline that has my design signature, but is completely different from anything that I've come up with before.... not freaking out yet.... next week, maybe...

Anyway; check out the video: it shows 3-D renderings of what the park will look like--minus the sculptures: you will have imagine them in there...

Click Here to View The Video Titled: Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

Stay tuned; will be updating regularly as I make progress :)