Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treasures from the Reuseum

I just brought home some new treasures from the Reuseum; so excited! brass weights; not a complete set, but that's OK :)

Old huge, heavy walkie-talkies: I swear these are from the Darma Initiative on the island.... The antenna's are like 5 feet tall :) And they work great!

A nifty looking level; says it's a farm level: now I need to find a little tripod for it--it came with the cutest little plumb-bob :)
And my fav. find of the day; an old lab scale; it's huge & heavy! I decided to put it in the dining room for now; I like the white against the red wall. Maybe I can use it to weigh apples or something...Oh; and the smaller letters on the wall came from the Reuseum too... I also scored a grey camouflage jacket, some wooden stir sticks, and some little Pyrex glass dishes :) The Reuseum is located in Garden City--stop in & check it out; its lots of fun.