Friday, March 26, 2010

Me in a Black Hawk Helicopter???

I got my first ride in a helicopter yesterday; a Black Hawk H-60... OMG, it was cool! I am doing some work for the ESGR, based at Gowen Feild here in Boise. The Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR) works with the local businesses that employ guardsmen or may employ them in the future: they got in contact with me about doing some award trophies, as well as a Top Secret project, that I cannot discuss at this time :)Anyway, a couple times a year, the ESGR invites business owners out to the base for a tour & some fun; they were kind enough to sneak me in at the last minute: thought I needed the inspiration for the upcoming projects. We got to play in the simulators: shoot guns, drive a hummer in a convoy, got a tour around the base with the historian & learned all about the history of Gowen Field, and got treated to a gourmet lunch of MREs. The highlight of the day was the ride in the Black Hawk.... After a quick briefing, they herded us all out to the flight line where 3 Black Hawks were ready & waiting; they carry 11 passengers each. After much struggling to get the seatbelt/harnesses hooked up right & get our headsets on, the rotors started turning, & we were off!
Unfortunately, the weather was bad; as you can see; it was pouring rain & low visibility, so they had to keep us just around the airport instead of the planned tour of the valley & Lucky Peak. But, all the same, it was really cool! We took off & landed out behind the airstrip as a super secret heli-pad (at least I never knew it was there..) and then took off again & did some really tight turns & maneuvers; wow, they go fast! We got a good look at Boise & the airport at all different angles :) It was an amazing experience, & I feel really luck to have been a part of it. Working with the ESGR has been really fun; and I 'm looking forward to making some really cool things for them; the super Top Secret project is going to be a big one, & I'm really excited about it.
Thanks Dick, Terry, & Eddie for sneaking me in; I had a blast!