Friday, March 19, 2010

Hobble Creek Park-update

Wahoo; the proposal passed the 1st approval round :) This is one I was the most worried about... The project still has to be approved by a bunch of other committees; I wont get final approval until sometime in April, but its looking good :)
I'm really excited about seeing this one in real life; its a giant weather vane that will be over 25 feet tall. It will move with the wind & also have a wind speed indicator on the top that will spin any time there is a breeze.
Steel, copper, & stainless steel, with a few gears, cables, & lots of nuts & bolts; it's going to be very whimsical, but made out of industrial materials.... For now, it's a waiting game until we have final approval--I'll be scouring the scrap yards for big pieces of steel plate, stainless, & copper sheet: these are hard to find in big pieces, but I'm hoping to be able to use all scrap material on this one: even if I have to use small pieces & join them together...
In other news, we met with Parametrix this week to talk about the new Julius Kliener Park; it's going to be at the corner of Fairview & Eagle Rd: 61 acres of beautifully designed park: with a library, walking paths, water features, and much more. I was selected to design the 3 landmark pieces that will help guide visitors through the park: each element to be at least 30 feet tall! This project is just getting under way; so I'm really looking forward to being involved in the whole process of constructing a park like this; it should be really interesting to learn about the process & work with the other contractors involved. Will upload concept pics as soon as I have them :)
For now, it's a beatiful spring day; I'm going to be cleaning out the workspace & working on the garden. Later tonight, we are going to go meet with ISE Crane Services to talk about both of these projects; then off to take down the grain silo I scored last week....busy, busy, but its all good :)