Monday, March 29, 2010

Boise Flower & Garden Show

I spent a few hours on Sunday wandering through the Flower & Garden Show with Mom & Grammy; we had a nice time checking out all the displays & talking to lots of the business owners :) It's always fun to see entire landscapes brought inside for the event. Franze Witte had the best display by far: (In my humble opinion) they created a Mad Hatter Tea Party setting complete with a table planted with herbs & water running down the center.
And pink flamingos everywhere, of course; ya can't help but smile :)I would love to have this setup in my sculpture-garden-that-does-not-exist-yet. Minus the flamingos, with more steel & industrial accents of course.... someday....So much fun :)
We chatted with the guys from PooPeas for a bit; they are a new local company out of Parma that makes organic compost pellets that can go into any yard spreader. Made from cow manure, its a great recycling concept & non toxic/non chemical fertilizer for your lawn & garden :)
Mom & Grammy testing out a compost cooker :)
And, I was happy to see North End Organic Nursery there with a nice display; I have not been able to make it in yet to see the new place, but have been wanting to--check out their Facebook page.

And, baby chickens in the Zamzows display; so cute!
All in all, it was a great show; although not as many over the top displays as last year, I thought. We had a great time & got lots of ideas for spring projects: we left with our free Zamzows bag filled with all sorts of goodies :) It's definitely inspiring: I cant wait to get back to making more sculpture & projects for outside :)