Sunday, February 28, 2010

Junk-Finding Road Trip

Husband & I are headed out of town tonight; going on a junk finding, surplus hunting, antique seeking, road trip mission.... We will be driving to Pocatello tonight; making stops anywhere we see fit; maybe in Twin Falls, maybe in some of the little towns along the freeway; we'll see. There is a truck parts place that Kevin wants to check out tomorrow in Blackfoot--they have the parts for the old International truck we just bought (see earlier posts). So, I'm sure we will spend a good deal of time wandering about & talking truck parts: well, Kevin will do this: I usually get bored after a while & retreat to my own junk-finding adventures or one of the many good books I'll be bringing along :)Then we'll get back on the road & go South: our main objective is to visit Smith & Edwards near Ogden, UT: a 171,000 sq. foot store (with acres more outside) full of surplus, hardware, antiques, clothing, camping stuff, etc etc. We have driven past on the way to Salt Lake, but never had the time to stop: Husband has been dreaming of visiting for some time now, so I thought I would be a good wife & indulge. ---although my motives are completely selfish, as I love a good junk/surplus store too: don't tell, K---
We are going to stay in Ogden that night, so will have all day & the next morning to find some more interesting places to visit; perhaps the local Pacific Recycling, some antique stores, and anything else that looks like it might have hidden treasures :) Ooh; and local cafes & bookstores. It's not very often we get to take a trip just to go look at stuff: usually we are on a mission of some sort with a tight timeline, so I'm looking forward to just wandering & exploring. Will post pics when I get back, since the laptop is still dead...
See ya later!!