Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hobble Creek Park Project (part 1)

My current project with the City of Boise is to create something for Hobble Creek Park. This is just the beginning stage; I will design something cool, make a proposal, & it will then have to be approved by a bunch of different committees involved with public art, Parks & Rec, etc.
I have until the 17th of March to get a proposal in for the next round of meetings.... My plan must include a finished design, placement in the park & why, the idea/story behind the design, safety & maintenance considerations, and at least a pre-lim engineering plan for foundation work & structural integrity. The approvals process will take a month, at least: & the hope is that everything is ok & we can start in on fabrication right after to install asap. So far, I really have no plan.... A vague idea, but that's about it... I do have the placement figured out: in the photo below; the middle of the planter. The park is set up around baseball fields & a big soccer field: this planter is right in the middle; next to the building: which is the gathering area---there is a concession stand & plans for a shelter, so this is the center of activity for the park...I have these big square poles that are around 12 feet tall; they came from the scrap yard & I've been holding onto them for a project like this. I want to use one pole; right in the middle of the planter, & create a kinetic sculpture that will go on top; something wind driven. Since the park is all about play & sports, I think the artwork should be a reflection of this; it should be colorful, have movement, be fun, & serve as a guidepost or landmark for the park.

As you can see from the plans; this location is really the only one that makes sense: unless I put something along the outside perimeter of the park--but that seems like it would remove the artwork from the people who are going to be using the park.
So, I have a couple weeks to put together a plan....this is always the scary part; waiting for the right ideas/inspiration. There is no forcing this part of the process, it happens on its own... Kevin is starting to get a bit freaked out, but I know that it will come & I can put together a plan fairly quickly. I would rather delay the process, than propose something that I'm not completely happy with, so for now, I will study & look for inspiration; maybe go to the scrap yards--might find just the right piece of something that will make the whole process take off :) Any ideas?