Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final project to wrap up 09

My last creation of 09: a custom frame for a neighbor; it's a surprise gift for his wife's birthday :) We are going to deliver it tonight while they are out for dinner--I hope she likes it! The photo is 2' x 3'; the frame a bit larger...I used lots of scraps of thin sheet in different shapes for texture & interest, without adding a huge amount of weight.

A letter B: for their last name :) & a few pieces of cable for silver sparkle....

A little detail for the bottom of the frame; a key, a crystal heart, & a little bottle: to be filled with family mementos and/or notes.

And, a set of matching candle sconces :)

My fav. part: a copper vase with some aluminum skwiggle sticks :) This was a fun project & I'm really happy with how it came out. We mounted the photo & glass already; it looks even better with the pic! Will post more pics of the final install....
Happy New Year; looking forward to more fun projects in 2010. Already in the works: a park project for the City of Boise, some giant steel vases for a collector in Spokane, new jewelry creations, more treasure hunting, & a trip to Italy (more on that later).