Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Letters & Glitter

What a find! At the scrap yard a few weeks back, I came across a bin of old sign letters: had to get some :) Purple: hmmmm....well, that can be fixed. They're big too; 13 inches tall and 3 inches deep: perfect for sitting on a shelf or hanging on a wall. So, I gathered up an armful of them, and as usual, got a lot of funny looks from the guys who work the scrap yard: after weighing in my loot & paying, I filled the back of husband's car with old dirty purple letters.
I chose a T to experiment on: decided to glitter-ize it: I thought my fireplace mantel could use a bit of sparkle to go with the chains & rusty steel :) I think it turned out great---love the way it looks silhouetted against the lighter colored wall. Also added a couple other little Ts that I had in a bucket of scraps....Husband doesn't quite know what to think about the glitter, but that's ok....
The rest of the letters are listed on my Etsy shop, if you want one to play with---$15 each. Already sold the A (it got shipped out the Sweden yesterday) and the other T. Still have: S, L, I, & H (2).
Too much fun; I'm already thinking about what else I could do with them in my house; or adding them into some fun wall mounted sculpture for the outside. Will be going on the hunt for more today :)