Saturday, December 5, 2009

AGC Tradeshow & Gala

Yesterday was the 75th Annual Convention for the Associated General Contractors of Idaho; we arrived downtown at the Boise Center before it was light outside to set up at the trade show. And boy, was it cold outside!! Anyway, after carting all my stuff inside (that was Kevin's job :) we got set up around 7:30 am.
This is my lovely display; check out the big posters; I feel like a rockstar: my own posters & everything... The show went well; we got to meet lots of other AGC members & got to show off the trophies that I made for the awards to be given out later that night. These are the trophies... After the show was over at 1:30, we packed all our stuff up again & headed home to get ready for the big party :) After donning our party attire, husband & I headed back downtown for the Gala & awards presentation...The ice sculpture in the center of the room.The party was lots of fun; there was a silent & live auction with lots of fun things to bid on; I wanted the retro bicycle, but didn't win it: Kevin was going for a micro tool set & a giant RC dump truck, but didn't win those either... I did win one item though....a gift cert. for a tattoo....
Besides chit-chatting with everyone, the funnest part of the event was dressing up :) I wore a ruffle-y black dress--from the Brass Razoo, custom jewelry (that I finished up at midnight the night before), & a tiny hat with a feather! Yep; I couldn't resist when I saw it amongst the other hair accessories in the store. And of course, I had to bring it home & add my own touches to it; including an old necklace for a hat-band, feathers, pears, & some cute little gears :)
My shoes! OMG-these were fun---notice the green toenails to match the feather on my hat.... :)
It was a fun night; we got to meet some really nice people & chat with those we have worked with before. The award trophies looked great & everyone seemed to like them: looking forward to creating something special for next year.
Thanks to Rene, Mark, Molly, Donna, & everyone at the AGC offices for taking us in & making us feel welcome :)