Friday, October 2, 2009

Sculpture Move....

Sculpture collection moved...whew! Everything looks great in the new location; we spent the last couple days installing pieces at Galerie Belle Ame in Eagle: I'm excited to have things closer to home :) The gallery is right on Eagle road; so everyone driving into Eagle can see my stuffs---just before Rembrants: next to the arch that says welcome to Eagle.
We showed up in the morning with the truck & trailer loaded: they had to stop traffic on Eagle road while I backed in next to the building...there were cars lined up for blocks! Fortunately, I got it backed in on the first try without taking out the mailbox...
And then we started the unloading & installing process. It took me & Kevin all day to install the 3 larger pieces & we had to go get the crane for the big one, but in the end I think it looks great :) That many big pieces together really transforms the patio area.
Stop in sometime to see everything; grab a coffee at Rembrants & walk down... There are a few of my things displayed inside the gallery as well, including a jewelry collection.

Tonight is First Friday in Eagle; stop in if you're out & about: I'll be there from about 6-8 to answer questions & talk about the new pieces. See you there :)