Friday, October 23, 2009

New Nampa Discovery-Karcher Ranch Market

About a week ago, I convinced Husband to drive me out to Marsing to buy fresh picked apples for canning...we stopped in at the Karcher Ranch Market to check it out & OMG: what a discovery!! I always thought it was just the produce under the tent out front: but not so: there is a whole store full of local & organic goodies, canning supplies, old fashion soda pop & candy, & lots more!
We must have spent an hour at least, wandering about---lots of time was spent in the bulk spices section, where Husband discovered the powdered soup bases & dehydrated butter & such (for the emergency food supply). I scored some nice pickling spice mixes, an assortment of whole peppercorns (for a custom blend), & organic cinnamon, nutmeg, & ginger for baking.
I also picked up an old fashion apple peeler/corer/slicer thing (which works great, btw), a few bags of organic flours in different varieties, & a hand cranked juicer thing :)
If you haven't been in before, I highly recommend stopping in to browse. If you are into organic/local, baking, canning, or anything related: this is the place for you :) They also carry local milk, eggs, cheese, & a selection of meats in the freezer.

I'm so glad we discovered this place: with the bigger garden this year, I've been canning the excess, & also adding in some locally purchased fruits--for the pantry & holiday gifts.... With the new gadgets, the job has been way faster...I might even have to go get s'more apples :)

-more on the apple canning saga later-

Karcher Ranch Market is located at: 2302 W. Karcher, just past the Edwards Cinemas, driving toward Marsing.