Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AGC Wall--Install Today

It's done!!! Check out the pics; I think it looks amazing in place!! Very industrial, & very appropriate for the building & the AGC-Associated General Contractors of Idaho. I hope they all like it!
There are lots of construction-ish details; a plumb bob, wrenches, concrete cores, concrete diamond sawblades, angle iron, threadstock, turnbuckles, cables, etc.

The whole thing is suspended from a beam in the ceiling; hanging from cables. The plaques are then suspended from the i-beam with shackels & little spreader-bars....a fun detail.
This was a fun project, & the install today was relatively easy (compared to some...) I still have one more smaller peice to finish up & place on the same wall--will be done this week, hopefully....

The AGC headquarters Building is located at 1649 W. Shoreline Dr. in Boise. This piece hangs in the entrance lobby; stop in to see it anytime during business hours :)

About the Idaho AGC: The Idaho AGC has served as the voice and choice of the commercial construction industry in Idaho since 1934. With more than 1000 member companies, AGC is the only trade association representing the full range of commercial construction from industrial to building to heavy highway to multi-family residential.

The AGC offers a full array of services: innovative health insurance and pension plans, workers' compensation programs, lobbying on the local, state, and federal levels; management training programs, and safety training programs. AGC is working today to meet Idaho's future construction needs. Workforce development is a targeted priority - efforts are currently underway to recruit and train highly skilled, diverse workforce through development of craft training, high school recruitment, and training programs.

For more info, & membership details, please visit:, or stop in at the office.