Sunday, August 16, 2009

More on the RE sign & the latest wedding bouquet

More progress on the RE Boutique signs; this is the one that will go outside the building on the bracket; loving the details.... Will add something funky to the circle at the bottom & the leaf will be patina green, like the other sign: oooh, & I definately will be adding some sparkles! So, the other sign-the bigger one-was supposed to go on the bracket, but it was too bad: it was kinda that way all last week... Anyway, I'm making the bigger one into a rolling sign to sit on the sidewalk; in the end it all worked out fine :) If you have'nt been into the store yet, you definately need to check it out. RE is a mix of vinatage & artist created clothing, jewelry, accessories, organic skins care products, & fine art. You can find the cutest bags made of all recycled materials there, along with other unique & fun

And, in other news; just listed on Etsy; a new wedding bouquet made from recycled aluminum "skwiggle sticks" BTW-this is Alysa; my husband's super-model daughter: more on that later... Anywho, the bouquet features tons of sparkling Austrian crystals, & white pearls. This is one of my favs to date: love the heart shaped cyrstal dangles on the tip of each stick...

Thats it for now; stay tuned: I'll be making a big announcement this week & starting a new blog & new adventures :)