Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boise Curb Cup

The Curb Cup has been making its way around Boise, getting ready for it's big debut at the street fair celebration on August 30th. Check out the pics :)

Here's some of the details about the event:

"All the world's a stage." William Shakespeare's As You Like It

On Sunday, August 30, much of Downtown Boise will be a stage – where entertainment and performance all come to life on our streets and sidewalks.

Destined to be a must-attend, gotta-participate annual signature event for our community, the inaugural Curb Cup will feature hundreds of performers and thousands of voter attendees...all in one great circus of creativity in the heart of our city. It’s all free. It’s all fun. And, it’s all to celebrate who we are, where we live, and how we express ourselves.

There is even a competitive element to the Curb Cup – everyone who attends is a voter for their favorite act (details below) and influences the outcome of our winners and the prizes. The big kahuna is the Curb Cup itself, with the most coveted trophy in the Western Hemisphere and a $1000 grand prize. Whatever act gets the most votes from the attendees wins the Curb Cup and the cash. You may not be the best or prettiest, you may just know the most voters or, motivate those hundreds of posers on your Facebook page. Mobilize your network and go for the gold!

Drum roll please. The Curb Cup itself is the most coveted trophy in the Western Hemisphere and the symbol of this special event. It is huge, artistic and eye-popping. And on August 30, one lucky performer will be the first to have his name engraved on the Cup, which will become a permanent fixture in Boise for hundreds of years. Kinda like the State House, Boise Depot or Pengillys.

Sign up & get all the details at hope to see you there!