Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Garden Pics

A few snaps from around the garden this morning....

The wild side; got pumpkins rambling about, a bunch of weedy looking flowers, & tons of other fun stuff.

The mint I got from a fellow gardener; planted in a lovely concrete square that I couldn't resist dragging home from the scrap yard

Herbs are doing well, & the beans have decided to start growning like weeds; pretty soon the steel sculpture will be completely covered :)

Another sculpture being overtaken....

And, the sunflower forest (I got a little carried away this spring) Some of them are at least 8 feet tall! It's been fun watching them grow; they're like giant weeds :)

We have been enjoying fresh tomatoes almost every night, along with basil, a few kohlrabi--don't know how to spell that one-- Soon now I'm going to have tons of beets to pickle, along with the carrots that are planted everywhere :) I've given a giant zucchini to all the neighbors that are close; going to have to start branching out... And eggplant; what the heck do I do with it?! I have 2 lovely bushes full of quickly ripening eggplants, yikes!