Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Origin" Updates-Final Fabrication

We spent the day at Boise Iron Works today: final fab for the Meridian City Hall sculpture :) They graciously let us take over the back part of the shop to put together the pieces & do a test assembly---our ceilings are not high enough.... Check out the pics:

Laying out all the puzzle pieces....Geronimo; laying down perfect welds :)
Making progress on the compass rose piece.....

Geronimo; the super-welder!

A look at all 3 pieces: tomorrow we will put them on the pole for a final test fit: then take everything apart, take the pieces home, attach copper/brass, wax everything; then off to city Hall next week for installation!! A busy couple of weeks coming up; I'm excited to be making progress on the project :)
More updates to come; for now, I need to take a bath :)