Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Origin" Updates-Final Fabrication-Day 2

So close to being finished today!! We probably will have a couple hours tomorrow morning to finish up; do the final test fit & then tear it down to load on the trailer :) Then, everything is coming to my place for the brass & copper, final clean up & wax sealant. :) Check out the pics of the days work:

The 2 bigger pieces; layed out & ready to be mounted on the center-pole. We started with the circular piece in the background....
Jeronimo (with a J) the super-welder; preparing to mount the piece onto the centerpipe...
Heating up the big scale to bend it to the right angle to capture the round piece: all the pieces sit at an angle, so we had to match up the supports.
Here is the first scale-supporting the roundish piece. Jeronimo welding the triangle piece into place.

Cutting the scale to fit.
First two pieces; in place & ready to go!
The star piece; this one is the most complicated, by far--to support & get mounted correctly.

My fav. pic of the day :P
Tomorrow, we will finish up the star; mount it to the pole & do the final test fit. Then, the whole thing will be broken down into manage-able pieces; we designed it to come apart---the pieces all bolt together: they have to fit through the front door of City Hall....
I can't wait to see the copper on it!! That will happen later this week & this weekend.
More pics to come: stay tuned!!