Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plumb-Bob Detail-"Origin"

More updates to the Meridian City Hall Project: I found the perfect finishing touch for the giant plumb-bob---a glass deck prism!! This will become the tip: the lowest point on the sculpture; pointing to the center of the floor :) We were discussing the design for the plumb-bob & making the tip out of another material & it just popped into my head---I have a large deck prism that I bought years ago: and I always thought it would be a cool thing to add into a sculpture.... So, I did a search online, & found the perfect sized prism at :) I like the contrast of the glass against the metal, & the prism is the perfect shape---I cant wait to get them (I couldn't resist getting a couple) in the mail!! Looks like we will be submitting our 2nd round of files to be cut on the water-jet by Tuesday--Architectural Metalworks is doing the cutting & rolling for us: more on that later--hopefully I can get some pics of the water-jet in action! Will post more later; for now: I'm off to finish my work-space cleaning/organizing mission....