Saturday, March 14, 2009

Land Surveyor's Conference

On Thursday, Kevin & I went to the Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyor's annual Conference, in Boise: they invited me to come talk about the Meridian City Hall project, because of it's historical relation to surveying. And, they just placed a new marker at Initial Point & did a re-dedication of the monument: read all about it in the Statesman here:

So, to start off the Re-Dedication, I got up in front of a room full of professional surveyors (like 200 people!)(and the mayor) & tried my best to share the "Origin" project, the ideas behind the design & it's relationship to Initial Point & the history of surveying in the state of Idaho. Speaking in front of a crowd of professionals is not my usual thing, & I was really nervous, but it went well--everyone seemed genuinely interested in the project & excited to see that the history of their profession was being highlighted in an art project. I got to show pictures of the design on a huge screen & invite everyone to come see it when its done :)

This is the actual Initial Point Monument--I have a replica that will be included in the alcove piece... And the map of Idaho, with baseline & the principle meridian (which the city of Meridian was named after)--something like this will also be included in the alcove piece-to explain the inspiration behind the art work...
The conference was fun (after the speech part was done)--it was very inspiring to learn even more about the history of the surveying profession. We also got to see lots of modern-day gadgets & even some amazing computer programs that use modern technology to generate detailed maps & coordinates.

In other news on the project: most of the pieces are cut & waiting to be assembled; my brass is on back-order, so it will be next week before we can get it cut. Kevin is working away on engineering the hoist assembly to lift the sculpture into place, & then be able to lower & raise it in the future for cleaning. We are meeting again at City Hall next week to look in the ceiling & figure out cable runs, beam attachments, etc. I'll post more on that process next week....

That's it for now...the sun is coming out & it's time to get to work for the day!!