Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meridian "Origin" Project--moving forward!!

Time to start on the next phase of planning for Meridian City Hall! Yesterday, we had a meeting with the City & Arts Commission to get final approval & start laying down real dates & planning out the installation. The meeting went well, I think; everyone seems excited about the project & very open to ideas for making it a successful venture. We have a tentative date for install on the 1st weekend of May---time to get busy!!

The design is pretty much finalized: now Kevin has to draw all the files for the pieces to by cut on the waterjet: this will take a lot of time & planning to make sure everything will go together correctly, that we are making the best use of materials, etc. Hoping to have pieces cut in March & start on the fabrication. This project is a bit different---so much of the work is being done in the planning & design phase: when it comes to fab, we will be putting lots of pieces together, but everything will be already layed out like a puzzle. There will be very little welding; most of the pieces will be joined with bolts/rivets: we have to bring everything into the building through the front doors; just regular sized man doors, so the whole project is designed in pieces that will be put together on site.

Still lots to do; more updates to come!!