Friday, January 30, 2009

Meridian City Hall-update

Plans are coming along for the city hall project; I'll be signing the contract today, & moving forward with plans... The last couple weeks have been full of design work, & adding in the detail elements to the original design: also figuring out how it's actually going to be constructed and how it's going to hang, without swinging or's been challenging, but I'm happy with the plan. Here's a sneak peek...

3-D renderings by; Eric Narad---having the design rendered in 3-d has been amazingly helpful in figuring out attach points, support structure, scale, etc.
Next, we will meet with the city on the 11th to get final approval of the design, & figure out a pretty detailed timeline. Still have quite a few details to figure out; the whole piece has to be built in small part that can be assembled on site. And then we have to actually get it in place; it will hang about 20 feet above the floor.

It's going to be stunning when it's done; the renderings do show the color, but in real life, it will be so much more....and more details too! Will post more soon :)