Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Truck!!

OK: so you can laugh all you want, but Kevin found a truck on Craig's-list; we went & picked it up yesterday in Emmett; & I love it!!! It's old, & rusty & bright (faded) orange, buy I luv it!!! We put some gas in it, & started it up, & it runs great; gets better in town mileage than my big truck!!! We paid $100; and it's been with the city of Emmett since 1969-the year it was built---I wonder if we took it out of town for the 1st spent it's former life as a city vehicle; notice the light on top (still works--he he he!). Anyway, I think we'll keep it & I'll use it as my in town run-around truck :) I'll have to get some graphics for it!!
I wonder what it is; do I just like old vehicles? Is it because it's like the old blue truck my family used to drive when I was a kid?? I dunno, but I'm amused by the character of the old truck, & I think it will be with us for a long while.....