Monday, September 15, 2008

Lifting Concrete....

Last night, Kevin & I met at Mom & Dad's (aka my other workspace & storage yard) to mount the concrete slabs into the steel supports. This is a project for A20 Fitness; a new facility opening this month in downtown Boise. We are doing a sculptural installation in the front of the building to cover an old fence, & doing a matching table & benches for the back patio area. The concrete is reclaimed--the slabs would have gone to the landfill, if we hadn't taken them... So, they are being re-incarnated into artwork! There will be 3 panels in a grouping, with insulator planters as accents(another recycled treasure). The windows of each panel will have glass spheres mounted with cable, for some sparkle, & the concrete will be stained a mahogany color with a few green accents....

cant wait to color!
Tonight, we will drill into the concrete for permanent anchors to the steel, Dad will pressure wash them, & I'll start staining tomorrow---cant wait to do some experimenting with the color!

I'm really excited about this project---it's going to look amazing when done, & to be able to use so much recycled content is awesome :) I love the concrete slabs standing up--they almost become their own sculpture... Thanks goodness we have the old crane truck--I couldn't even think about doing projects like this without it!

Will post more progress pics tomorrow.