Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Gallery!

I've been invited to display some large outdoor pieces & have a room of wall hangings: with a reception on the 15th of August! Check out the website at
Located in Bellvue, just outside of Hailey, which is just outside of Sun Valley: I'm really excited to have some of my work in the area... I made a trip up there a couple weeks ago to meet Brooke & her mom, who run the gallery: I think that we will have a good relationship & I like the space.... It's a cute little old house thats been remodeled into gallery space, with a nice yard outback with big trees & space for larger work.
Now, I gots to get busy!!! I'm working on some new big pieces that I'll be taking up, along with a couple old favs. Got to make some new wall pieces; smaller ones to fit on some side wall space, & get together a collection of jewelry too!! I better get to work....