Monday, March 23, 2015

The big Reveal--Inusdrial Farm Trashcans

Remember a few weeks back when I uploaded this pic & asked if anyone had any ideas???  Well, it's reveal time!
Some of the guess from Facebook include: medieval torture devices, weird trophies, table bases & industrial warrior helmets, lol : ) 
Ta-Da!  They were lids for custom trashcans/recycling stations : )  These were installed at the Boise Co-Op last weekend.   The smaller lids are actually recycled plow disks & I added all kinds of crazy fun farm/industrial accessories to them.
There are actually 4 sets: each unique.  Even though we had a hard time getting them done in between all the trophy deadlines; it really was a fun project.   Check them out next time you are down town at the Co-Op : ) 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

WarGaming.Net Trophy

This week, we built a large custom metal trophy for  We re-created their logo in 3-D using 1/2 inch aluminum & layers of painted steel & printed acrylic.  The finished piece stands 17 inches tall--this was a fun one : )

It came out even better than I expected: always a good thing : )

Here are some pics of the build

The rough pieces; straight off the water-jet; thanks to Robo-Jet in Meridian : )

Looking better after about an hour of grind & polish...

Initial layout; to make sure everything is going to fit correctly...

Final assembly; getting close!

And done!  Just have to wait for the epoxy to cure & it's ready for finished pics & then off to FedEx for it's ride to California : ) 

I love how the lettering came out: will definitely be using more thick material like this on future designs : )

Upcoming projects include a couple custom signs, funky trashcans, trophies for Miss Pole Dance America, medals for a dog show, & some other fun projects--busy busy!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Works in Progress...

We had a busy weekend; got 500 medals polished up & ready for screen printing for one of our favorite clients; Major League Hacking.  As well as fab-ing up a big cup trophy for the UK Hacker Olympics: plus we had family in town--it was a busy weekend!!

The start of the UK Hacker Cup; it is made of steel; fully welded, then ground down to a fine finish; it will get paint, printed acrylic with LED lights to make it glow, & accents of polished aluminum.  We got a good start on it this weekend; welded, grind to a finish; weld again to fill any little imperfections, then grind again...still need to weld the pieces together & one last grind to prepare for paint.  This is going to be one for the books!!

And; the 500 medals; they were cut by water-jet & will get screen printed with a custom design by Rogue Design.  To ship out this week for more Hacker tournaments around the country & the UK : ) 

Also in the works: a big trophy for WarGaming.Net, some custom medals & trophy, plus a request for Lego themed trophies...  It's going to be a busy week!


Monday, March 2, 2015

We Love Christian Music Awards

A few weeks ago, we delivered 30 custom stainless steel trophies to New Release Tuesday for their awards roadshow tour; taking place over six weeks in locations around the country...
The awards were hand-fabricated with a custom polish & accents of matte black.

Each trophy was welded, polished  & cleaned for a fine finish.

The process was time-consuming: but worth it--in the end, the trophies looked amazing! 

Here they are pre-graphics; pretty cool; the polish came out really nice!

And: one of the winners: Rapture Ruckus--I think they like it, lol : )   There will be more presented over the next four weeks.   Thanks so much to New Release Tuesday for commissioning these again: we had a lot of fun making them : ) 


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Any idea what these will be when all finished up?  Heehehehe; I posted the same question on Facebook; curious to see if any one can guess.  (they are not trophies)

Big reveal next week : )


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Peggle2 World Championship Trophy for Gamer's for Giving

Today, we finished up the Peggle2 World Championship Trophy: commissioned by Gamer's Outreach Foundation for their big event called Gamer's For Giving.  They asked for rainbows & unicorns & over the top Peggle fun: I think we did pretty good : )

The trophy has a welded steel base that got polished to a fine finish, & steel structural elements to support the graphic pieces.
After the main structure was done, the fun part began; adding graphics, rainbows, characters, & more...

The rainbow was made from steel that we polished & then painted with a transparent automotive paint.

Final assembly & tightening all the hardware...

and then: RHINESTONES!

Bjorn (the unicorn) has been be-dazzled : )  

And: all finished & ready to ship out to the big event : ) 

This is the 2nd trophy we have made for Gamer's for Giving Peggle Tournaments; always fun to step out the the serious designs to play around with color & sparkles ; )


Monday, February 9, 2015

Fabricated Steel Cube Trophies

We spent the weekend in the shop; the weather was amazing; feels like spring already!  We had all the doors open to the outside & got the watch the chickens, cats, ducks, & new turkeys parade by all day : )  But; the work had to get done...

There was much welding, grinding, polishing & finishing; an order of 30 trophies needed to be ready to ship out this week; so we made it happen : )  

The trophies stand 12 inches tall & are made of combination of stainless & mild steel.  Lot's of finish work on these; they were all polished to a shine : )

Each piece had to be polished: then welded; then polished again for a finished look; we used a combination of power tools (angle grinders with flap disks for steel) & pneumatic (air powered) grinders/polishers to get to the finished look.
They turned out pretty cool looking in the end; & will get black lettering on 3 sides of the cubes: then will be ready to ship out : )  

Next this week: Peggle2 Trophy (rainbows & unicorns), some random medals, a custom sign, & finish up the week with some really fun custom trash cans!  


Thursday, January 29, 2015

SuperSmashBros Custom Trophies

On the way to New Jersey for the Apex Series SuperSmashBros tournament; 4 large steel trophies complete with LED lighting & matching medals in electric green.  

The trophy design looks deceptively simple; it was not simple to fabricate; fully welded & ground to a smooth finish for a nice clean look; I do love the way it turned out.  AND: for the first time ever, I did the wiring for the lights---with some help from Ray at RogueDesignSyndicate to get me started.  (Ray also did the design layout for the medals & the plaques on the trophies)  I'm hooked!  LEDs on everything from now on, lol : )  

The medals also came out great; love the bright color; I had to use a combo of transparent green with yellow over the top to get the right green; in real life, it's almost an acid green; pretty cool!

Thanks so much, again, to Robo-Jet for an awesome job on cutting parts; even extras at the last minute : )  


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Itty Bitty Egg

So; we keep a flock of bantam (half sized) chickens that free range around the shop & provide us with fresh eggs.  Their eggs are small; about half as big as a full sized chicken: they make very cute deviled eggs : )  Today, I collected a bunch of eggs, including the teeniest egg I have ever seen: I love our little eggs, but this is ridiculous...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Custom Industrial Steel Trophies with I-Beam & Cable

Last week we shipped out a set of custom steel trophies for a company in Alabama.  They requested industrial, yet professional and here is what we came up with : )

Josh did the design on the cut parts & I did all the welding/fabrication.  I think they came out great!  Josh has turned into quite the designer; it's awesome to be able to share some of the workload : )

Another design by Josh that was part of the set...

They also requested something with a rose for the ladies: I think this is the first time I have ever welded up something with a flower on it, lol.  I normally steer clear of anything literal; especially flowers, but I think this looks pretty cool.

This week, we are working on designs for a gaming tournament, another Hacker trophy for the UK, a sign, & lots of other stuff; stay tuned for updates : )


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Custom Steel Trophies with a Hint of Blue

Steel with accents of polished aluminum & a pop of bright blue; these trophies stand 11 inches tall & we shipped out a set of 18 today.

Each trophy is unique in the color/pattern of the steel patina as well as the grind pattern on the aluminum.  I do love the way the blue contrasts with the rusted steel--it's a transparent paint, so you can still see the polish pattern of the metal.

The design looks deceptively simple; but it's not: lots of hardware & layers meant a lot of time assembling--but I think the end look is worth the time ; )  
I think this might become one of our standard designs that clients can order: we have been thinking about doing a collection of ready-designed trophies that we can produce faster & a bit less costly for clients looking for something unique, but maybe don't have the time or budget for a custom designed set.   I can see these with a pop of red, purple, orange or even a gradient of color in the little window.  

Anyway: on to the next project--coming up next week: big trophies for a SuperSmashBros tournament, a corporate set, & a custom trophy for the UK Hacker Olympics.  Plus: a sign & getting started on the WeLove weekend this week!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Medals for Major League Hacking spring season

Just shipped out today; a huge batch of medals for the spring season of Major League Hacking.
Custom medals Major League Hacking
This is the third year we have been asked to make awards for these events; they have one of the biggest trophies we have made to date; that travels to the different events around the county : )  You can see it in this post: Hacker Trophy.
 I think this set of medals came out really nice; love the graphic elements that Ray at Rogue Design Syndicate came up with!

More trophies to go out this week; we are starting off 2015 busy!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Sprocket Themed Trophies

Sprocket themed trophies made from mixed metals.  These shipped out last week for a corporate event : )

Custom Metal Sprocket themed trophies
Rainbow colored steel with accents of polished aluminum.  9 inches tall.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wodapalooza Miami Trophies

For the 2nd year we were asked to create custom awards for the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival in Miami, FL.  We really wanted to step it up this time; & I love the final result!  These are really different from anything we have done before & perfect for the event.
Custom Metal Trophies created for the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival 2015 in Miami.

Honestly; I can't believe I sent out pink colored metal, lol--I am not a pink fan myself: but I do love the way the colors pop against the black background.

Custom Trophied created from metal for the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival 2015.
These awards are made from steel; painted black with accents of polished & colored aluminum.

The event takes place in a couple weeks--I hope they like them as much as I do : )


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Holidays : )

Mixed metals sculpture in Eagle, ID.  Titled "Wonderland" this piece stands 12 feet tall.
I received this photo from a good friend today; it's one of my latest pieces; about 13 feet tall in Eagle, ID; next to the town Christmas tree : )  

The sculpture is titled "Wonderland" and was inspired by the Caterpillar getting is wings: made from steel, polished stainless steel, copper, & colored aluminum.  This piece is available: please email me for details, if interested.